Sunday, May 10, 2009


andré sier

let me speak

audio-visual performance, 8 speakers + 2 video projections
collaboration with anna einarsson

10.5.2009 festival ljudoljud in fylkingen, stockholm, sweden
19.5.2009 re-new 2009 festival, copenhagen, denmark

Let me speak is an audiovisual performance, drawing upon the idea of freedom
of speech. A voice, a body, enclosed in a virtual space with loudspeakers being
both windows and barriers to the outside world.
The audio and the visual connect in real-time through the voice, creating a
dialectic between a restricted space and an open space, the motion and the
static flow. These are polarities interplaying between the audio and the visual as
well as within the work’s individual components.
The graphics are real-time minimal abstractions in a virtual space, audio-bodies,
sound reactive agents and graphics that travel within volumetric space,
behaving rhythmically to the sound.
The work is a collaboration between André Sier, prominent visual
artist/composer from Lisbon, Portugal and Anna Einarsson, multifaceted
composer/vocalist from Stockholm, Sweden.