Thursday, December 10, 2009


forum on "Hastac" (Humanities, Arts, Science & Technology Advanced Collaboratory)

message from ana boa-ventura:
to all with practice, research or just interest for Digital Story Telling, I am co-hosting this week a forum on the topic for the Digital Humanities community "Hastac" (Humanities, Arts, Science & Technology Advanced Collaboratory). You can read it here

you can also access the guest speakers' videos* at
and post video replies (in a word: vlog:)) by registering (free) w/ seesmic and hitting the reply button on the speaker to which video you want to react to.

guest speakers:
Joe Lambert (Director and co-founder of the center for Digital Storytelling, Berkeley)
Mariana Kz, (Museum of the Person, Brazil)
Biagio Arobba (Rosebud, a Sioux tribal landbase)

registering with the Hastac site is not a direct process (apparently they has recent spam problems) so if any of you has a contribute to the thread, please email me at so I can send your email address along, and it can be recognized as you login.

thank you,
ana boa-ventura
hastac scholar

source: arena mailing list