Thursday, December 6, 2012


Second Episode of The Mews Radio Programme Series:
Beatriz Albuquerque
Sound Sculpture: A Poet in New York

The Mews Radio Programme Series is a curatorial project, by Manuela São Simão, started in October 2012. It aims to present different possibilities of work for Radio.
The second episode, by Beatriz Albuquerque,  will be presented in the shape of a sound sculpture at The Mews Common Room as well as will be broadcasted on Radio platforms for which the piece was also specifically conceived.
The NYC based Portuguese visual and performance artist Beatriz Albuquerque was challenged to create a sound piece for The Mews Radio Programme Series inspired by the theme of silence. Her response to this invitation comes in the "shape" of a "Sound Sculpture: A Poet in New York", coming in continuous to her sculpture score sound series and her Project "A Poet in New York" that started in 2010.
This sound piece is a recording of a 3-D sculpture score with 1 inch. The sculpture is an exact proportional replica of the artist's body in the contra torso position (a reference to classical Greek sculptural form), while wearing a costume part of her performance "A Poet in New York".

Presentation in The Mews Common Room: 
8th December from 17 - 21

The first radio transmission of the piece will be on 9th December from Mobile Radio Project at the 30th Bienal de São Paulo:
17:40 - UK time, 15:40 - Brazilian time

"Sound Sculpture: A Poet in New York"
Beatriz Albuquerque, 201
Duration: 18m 54s