Sunday, August 23, 2015


diana policarpo
visions of excess, at xero, kline & coma, 23.05.15 – 14.06.15

sound file

For her first UK solo exhibition, artist Diana Policarpo has created a new body of works. Visions of Excess, is a site specific installation composed of sound, collage and mixed media, which draws on the thinking of George Bataille in The Accursed Share as a starting point. The work investigates power relations and popular culture juxtaposing the rhythmic structuring of sound as tactile material within the social construction of esoteric ideology. Policarpo creates performances and installations to examine experiences of vulnerability and empowerment associated with acts of exposing oneself to the capitalist world.

Cabiria is a multi-instrumental collective based in London, with Diana Policarpo (percussion), Hannah Catherine Jones (theremin) and Marina Elderton (electric guitar). Through live improvisation they create imaginary landscapes and ethereal atmospheres, weaving sound with layered vocals in a ritualised manner.