Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Video Jack (Nuno Correia and André Carrilho) are performing at Electro Mechanica Festival, St. Petersburg, on the 13th and 14th November.

"Electro-Mechanica" festival will take place on 13-15 of November 2008 in the Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Frank Bretschneider, Mouse on Mars, Thomas Brinkmann, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Andres Loo, Aabzu and Ryoji Ikeda are among the artist performing at the festival.
Our participation at Electro Mechanica will be a major one for us, since we will present most of the work we developed since Video Jack started (2004).

On 13/November, Video Jack will present 3 audio-visual performances:
Heat Seeker (2006)
AVOL (2007)
Master and Margarita (work in progress)

We will also give a talk about our work before the performances.

On 14/November, we will VJ with Thomas Brinkmann and Aabzu.

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