Friday, March 13, 2009


call for proposals: 090909 UpStage Festival

The third UpStage festival of cyberformance (live online performance)
will be held on 090909 (9 September 2009). The call is now open for
performance proposals.

The 090909 Upstage Festival aims to create a participatory space for
collaboration, creation, and for the presentation of current
cyberformance. The festival provides a platform (and shares the
technichal expertise) to enable artists to experiment with the new
medium, and to have their work seen alongside performances by
internationally renowned practitioners - in a celebration of the
evolution and diversity of cyberformance practices.

To submit a proposal, email the following information to

* working title of your cyberformance and 3-4 sentences about it;
* names and locations of people involved;
* brief background/bios (not more than 300 words each);
* preferred time(s), in your local time, for presentation on 090909;
* contact email and postal address.

Performances can be on any theme or topic; the only rules are it must be
no longer than 20.09 minutes, and must be created and performed in
UpStage (for information about past festivals and performances, see

The deadline for proposals is *31 May 2009*; selections will be
announced on* 1 July*.

The festival will take place online in UpStage on 090909, with RL ('real
life') access nodes at locations around the world, including Oslo,
Munich, Istanbul and Wellington. If you are interested in hosting a RL
access node, please contact us for further information and technical

Participating artists will be listed and acknowledged on the UpStage web
site. We will endeavour to record all the performances and provide
participating artists with copies for documentation, however this is
dependent on volunteer resources (if you can help with this aspect of
the festival, please contact us).

UpStage is an open source venue for web-based performance and is
licensed under the Creative Commons and GPL. All copyright of artworks
remains with the artists; we encourage artists to use Creative Commons

**Important dates:**

*16-17 March: Match-Making Session*
8am NZ time; find your local time here:
Looking for collaborators? Bring your ideas to pitch, or come to join
someone else's proposal.

*late March: Tutorial for those planning to submit a proposal*
(time & date to be announced - let us know if you have a preference)
An opportunity for you to get to know the new features of UpStage and
ask questions of experienced UpStage users about what you are planning
to do in your performance.

* Further matchmaking & walk-thru sessions during April & May*
dates & times to be announced

*31 May: Deadline for proposals*

*1 July: Selection announced*

*9 September: 090909 UpStage Festival*

Any questions, please email We look forward to
receiving your proposals!

Helen Varley Jamieson, Vicki Smith and Dan Untitled
090909 Team