Sunday, May 12, 2013


teresa luzio
neue studie zur identifikation

The documentation of Performance Art has been of such importance for theoretical and Historical discussion but in particular for performance practice itself, for documents carry knowledge which enable, for example, to re-perform the action. In 2006 I did a performance in Berlin that consisted of throwing to the river Spree my handbag with some personal belongings. The action was registered through photography and drawing in order to fix the moment of loss, as well a statement to express a certain idea of individual freedom. The registers of this action are now thought on a different orientation that aims to demarcate its meaning as a category of documents that enhance the continue exercise of the action, in particular its repetition. My purpose is to perform once more studie zur identifikation, to identify the unrepeatable in similar lived and personal experiences. The context of both performances is autobiographical, regarding documentation as autobiographical referential for the process of making art.

performed at 8 a.m. on the 18th of May at Friedrichsbrücke, 10178 Berlin

as part of the MPA-B


photo credit: 14.5x10, B/W photography, 2006