Saturday, May 10, 2014


IPAC: International Performance Art Convention
A performance by Shannon Cochrane and Márcio Carvalho

Doors open and registration: 7pm
(No pre-registration required. Registration is FREE.)

Curated by artists, IPAC is performed by curators; and is envisioned as a convention disguised as a performance and a performance in the guise of a convention. Collapsing all of the typical strategies of a convention or conference (introduction, lecture, exchange, feedback), IPAC is conceived as singular event that attempts to research and discuss patterns and problematics shared by performance art practitioners.

Shannon Cochrane and Marcio Carvalho are relatively new collaborators, and have presented several works together since 2013. Their collaborative work often employs an over arching structural format to create works that deeply investigate performance art practice and discourse; the practice that we all share every time we gather to make or present a performance, and the conversations we are often not having as a community. Performance Art Conventions Dictionary, a performance developed through the creation of a text-based dictionary of action art cliches, was presented in Miami, USA in July 2013. In February 2014, Cochrane Carvalho presented a two-part performance work in the context of ACCUMULATION, curated by Sandrine Schaefer. In Part 1 of Cochrane Carvalho's performance, entitled Screaming Their Nature, the artists worked in the storage area of the gallery, and through spontaneous performance actions created on a table top, transformed a humble pile of objects into a collection of materials suitable for a performance archive. In Part 2 of the performance, entitled Replacing the Invisible, Cochrane Carvalho enter the gallery space to reverse the process, transforming a gallery's worth of performance relics back into everyday materials, essentially undoing and resetting the processes of ACCUMULATION through the artists' own invented methods of replacement, disappearance, and invisibility. By removing all of the objects in the gallery and returning them to the storage area once again, Cochrane Carvalho challenge the remaining artists in the series to consider how meaning is created through accumulating, collecting, and archiving.

Read about Cochrane Carvalho's performances in ACCUMULATION here: