Monday, January 12, 2009


“cctvecstasy” by paula roush (in QUAD)
AGM 09 under_ctrl
January 15th - 25th, 2009
At QUAD (art center and cinema), Derby, and Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham.

AGM 09 under_ctrl explores our behavior with technologies of surveillance and counter-surveillance. New media artists, designers, writers and performers respond to the cultural environment generated by CCTV and (self) recording. This 7th edition of the media art event AGM is part of the Radiator Biennial Festival and Symposium and includes exhibition, new media and video installations, performances, music and talks.

New Media Performances
“Wireless Bus” by Dislocate (on the BUS from Derby to Nottingham)
“Bus Performance” by Siân Robinson Davies (on the BUS from Nottingham to Derby)
“cctvecstasy” by paula roush (in QUAD)

6:20pm. Performance by paula roush.
roush will be performing cctvecstasy at QUAD Box exploring the webcam a as surveillance space, its affordances including voyeurism, pleasure, intimacy and performance of the self. In front of a live audience, a webcam user (cctvecstasy), zaps through different live cams, projecting images of encounters –planned and impromptu-taking place in one of the oldest webcam-chat online communities. Site: . Featuring: paula roush as cctvecstasy, marie jousiane agassou as marie_pix, deej fabyc as deedee4000, maria kheirkhah as momou, maria lusitano and lara morais as alfazema, lina jungergad as opaean , aaron de montesse as aaron, susana mendes silva as misssms.

Curated by
Alfredo Cramerotti and Iben Bentzen (AGM) in close collaboration with Annette Schäfer and Miles Shalcraft (Radiator Festival and Symposium) and Louise Clements (QUAD)

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AGM (Annual General Meeting) is an art/media project that happens once a year and changes its form, content, location and collaborators every time. Previous editions were held in Italy (performance event at Sconfinart, 2003), the Netherlands (radio programme at WormRadio, 2004), Canada (sound installations and videoscreenings at SoundPlay festival, 2005), Denmark (public screenings at AIRplay, 2006), Austria (symposium at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhause, 2007). AGM is founded and curated by Iben Bentzen and Alfredo Cramerotti. For previous editions please visit .

The fourth Radiator Biennial Festival and Symposium brings together artists with academics, geographers, urban theorists, scientists, sociologists and fellow citizens in the discovery of a new topography of the city, based on the understanding that digital networks are transforming our notion of public and private space. The symposium “Exploits in the Wireless City” at Broadway in Nottingham,, features theorists, architects, journalists, urban planners, and artists’ works. The symposium aims to instigate discussion, debate and new interdisciplinary research networks. Curated by Anette Schäfer and Miles Chalcraft.

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