Monday, March 14, 2011


pad – performance art depot
Call for Performance-Projects for the International Performance Festival
in Mainz (Germany)

This year it will be the third time that the International Performance Festival of the performance art depot invites artists from around the world to perform in Mainz, Germany.

This year the festival will be from the 5th to the 8th of May and takes place in the performance art depot, a three-years-young space for contemporary theatre, dance, performance and other forms of contemporary arts. pad offers an unlimited and visible platform for introducing experimental, innovative art works in Mainz. The kernel of the festival is on interactive performance, including light, sound, video art, digital art, multi media and body performance. The forms of performance can range from stage-based piece, solo to durational performance.

The production should be easy to travel, should not include more than about two or three people and should live with simple technical standards (basic light and a sound system with microphones and all standard equipment).

pad will pay a small travel- and performance-fee and will take care of your accommodation and food. You should be willing to travel via cheap travel-opportunities.

Please send DVD or online-video-documentation. Without any kind of motion picture documentation we cannot invite your performance. Deadline March 22.

pad – performance art depot
Leibnizstrasse 46
55118 Mainz